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2 June, 2016

Yesterday, we were at The Bromance's place, cooking, laughing, and having a good time. After we grabbed dinner at our favourite Greek place, both The Husband and The Bromance happily walked off leaving me and my tiny feet behind as always. Evening well spent.

The people who always leave tiny feet behind 😑 #shortgirlproblems #tinyfeet #thebromance

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When they realised that "she's taking our pictures for her blog again" 😁😎🙋 #bloggerlife #thebromance

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But the main reason we were holed up in his apartment was to figure out our whole Visa application situation for travelling to Greece this summer. The tickets had already been booked, money and high spirits invested, and only the visa process remained. And that last part of that sentence, that little thing about a certain visa application? Yeah, that managed to suck the life out of us because neither of us realized that applying for the visa was going to be SUCH a fucking pain in the arse. Because you guys know The Husband. Some of you have met him in person and most of you have read about him right here, and I like to believe that I've painted quite the word picture of the calm, happy, and sun-hating man-child that he is. What I want to emphasize on is the "calm" side of his personality. You see, I hardly ever get to see him completely lose his shit because it takes A LOT to get to him. When people say annoying things to him, he ends up annoying them in return by simply doing the shrug and meh or worse, by playing along. When he hears that people have been bitching about him, he goes "meh". When I completely mess something up, he says, "Shit happens". So things are as simple and as far from complicated as they can get when you live with this guy. But when we were on the VFS website applying for the visa, I saw THE DEVIL possess him. Because not only was he shrieking high pitched abuses at the website to the extent that only dogs could hear him, he was also slapping his own face. I swear to God that happened multiple times. Sometimes after he was done screaming and cursing and hurling abuses at the website, you'd see him calm down and sit as still as a rock. Then out of nowhere, he'd slap himself. With both hands. It made a loud sound every time he did it and I'm sure it hurt but I found it more hilarious than disconcerting. It's one of the funniest things I've seen him do, especially because he did it in all seriousness and because he was genuinely pissed off. And what made it even harder for me control my laughter was the fact that he was seriously mad and probably wouldn't have appreciated it if I burst out laughing then and there. Which is understandable, right? I mean, would you laugh at a man who looks like his head is going to crack open and the hot, fuming core of the Earth is about to pour out of it?

Oh, and did I mention the part where he took a "break" so that he could inspect the website and attempt to fix it? Yeah, that happened after his brain liquefied and poured out of his ears and nostrils. He sat down and actually wrote some code to make things easier for himself because that website was honestly that shit. I mean, you'd think that government agencies have a lot of money and would try to keep up appearances by setting up a good website. But NOOOOOO, not these guys. Even an amateur like me got frustrated with it.

At one point, we had to pick the centre to present our documents from a drop-down menu on their website and BELIEVE ME, the drop down menu just wouldn't drop shit down. It was broken and even I was heard saying things like, "If this doesn't drop down in the next 30 seconds SO HELP ME GOD..." because once our session expires, we'd have to go back and restart the application process. So The Bromance finally decided to stop laughing and take a look at the situation. He took the laptop from us and clicked on the drop-down menu once. You wouldn't believe what happened next -_- It worked. One click, and it worked. Which made us even more frustrated because, "the fucking website only responds to a white man's touch". Racist website!

2 August, 2016

Our passports arrived a month ago with our visas stamped *Happy Dance* and we're all set for our holiday. HOLIYAY!

Everything has been packed,

the house - cleaned,

the laundry - done,

the fridge - emptied,

and the mother made proud.

My mother called yesterday while I was scrubbing the kitchen floors and I could hear the sudden burst of proud approval in her voice when she said, "Yes, that's the way it should be. You should always return from a holiday to a clean home". YES, MOTHER! I HAVE AN OBSESSIVE COMPULSION TO DO IT ON THE DAY BEFORE MY TRIP WHEN I REALLY DON'T HAVE TIME TO WASTE BECAUSE I'VE SEEN YOU DO IT AND HAVE BEEN HARD-WIRED TO DO IT MYSELF THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

So there you have it. We leave in a few hours and intend to have a nice, long, relaxed vacation with a little bit of sun bathing hating by The Husband. I don't know what our internet situation is going to be like but hopefully I'll get to update here and on Instagram. So hopefully, my next post for you guys will be from the land of sunny skies and beautiful blue seas. Do keep us in your prayers :)

Until then, goodbyeeee!

Oh Greece, my precious, here I come!