2nd Engagement Anniversary

And no one remembered. We were in bed till 2 p.m yesterday although we woke up by noon, and we were just lying around like sacks of bird poop, being anything but useful. Actually, Shane was being useful because he pretty much spent all his free time this weekend coding and building stuff "for fun", and that even had quite the impact on his mood. It's only when Facebook sent me a notification about my memories from two years ago that I remembered.

And this is what my one-sided conversation with Shane sounded like:

'Oh, look! This was taken at the airport on the day you landed from Edinburgh, when you came down to fix our marriage and everything. Wait a minute. Wasn't that the day on which you took me out to dinner and popped this ring on my finger? OMG TODAY IS OUR ENGAGEMENT ANNIVERSARY!'

On 18 December 2014, Shane and I had a reunion at Trivandrum International Airport after a year and three months of long-distancing. It was one of the happiest days of my life. We were getting married in May of 2015 and this visit was mainly to officially fix the marriage, exchange rings in front of close family members and even meet some of our extended family. On the 20th of December, both families were getting together at my home so soon after Shane landed and settled down, I went off to get my hair and nails done. That evening, he asked me to doll up and go out to dinner with him. Since neither of us could drive at the time, one of our friends drove us to the venue and I was expecting the three of us to hang out and chill. Then, this happened:

Soon after that, both sets of parents also joined us and it was a very happy day, to say the least.

I'm one of those people who remembers dates and events, and to think that I forgot this special day of our lives twice in a row is crazy. Because last year, I started our engagement anniversary post with "Last year, on this day, he popped the question and I said yes. I should have remembered that. Unfortunately, it was Facebook that reminded me". I don't know how to explain this pattern but here's what I'll say: these things happen when you're having too much fun. And oh boy, has it been a fun ride or what!

So to celebrate this special milestone, we decided to go for a typical Sunday in our home. It was as plain and inauspicious as you can imagine, but this engagement anniversary was truly a happier day than the actual day of the engagement two years ago. Let me walk you through our very ordinary Sunday :)

  • We got out of bed immediately after I got all excited about the date.

  • I went straight to the bathroom and applied the hair oil my mother has been applying on my scalp from the time I was born.

  • Shane walked into the bathroom to brush his teeth and gagged at the "toxic" smell of my Ayurvedic hair oil.

  • I hugged him because it was funny how repelled he was by my tiny head that fit right under his chin.

  • After a minute, he got used to the smell and forgot about the hair oil. So he kissed the top of my head and almost puked when the oil touched his lips.

  • We walked into the kitchen and cooked a feast of eggs and bacon for "breakfast" at 3:30 p.m.

  • We watched two episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S over breakfast (good news: he's stopped complaining now, and he actually laughs at Chandler's jokes).

  • Then, we realised that the wireless keyboard we'd been using on our TV was broken.

  • So Shane went nuts and opened it up, only to realise that he needed a soldering iron to fix it.

  • Yeah, that was not happening, so we spent the next 40 minutes selecting and ordering a new wireless keyboard.

  • Then, I took a nice long shower, applied my face-mask, and thoroughly pampered myself before deciding to put up the wall-decal I'd purchased a while ago.

  • 5 minutes into the task, I realised that I was too small and inefficient to do it all by myself. So I called for help.

  • The help and I put this up, only to realise that it was crooked and weird just like us. It was perfect!

  • It was getting frustrating to operate the TV without the keyboard and we were too lazy to switch to the PlayStation mode. So we pulled out a game of Monopoly.

  • Shane swore that he'd never played Monopoly before but I find it hard to believe that any kid from the 90's has not played the game at least once.

  • For someone who's never played the game before, he kicked ass at it. We went to jail together a couple of times and our board tokens totally made out in there. But he still beat my ass big time. He ended up owning 90% of the board and I went bankrupt within no time.

  • He gloated about how he fucked me over for a full 10 minutes. I contemplated on inviting our neighbours and friends over so that he could have an audience while blowing his trumpets.

  • After 10 minutes of his gloating, we cooked a dinner comprising of roast chicken, veggies and gravy, and when he suggested that we watch a movie together, I fussed about having to wake up early on Monday morning. So he gave me a speech.

  • His speech was, "five years ago, you were living in a crappy hostel somewhere and I was surviving on bread as a broke college student in Southampton. If we were given a chance to curl up and watch a movie at that point of time, we would have even committed a murder to get that time together. Having to wake up early on a Monday morning wouldn't have stopped us. You owe all these fun experiences to Shane and Ankita from 5 years ago".

  • We watched 'The road to El Dorado' while curled up under a blanket, sipping on a glass of red wine.

  • 2 a.m, and we were in bed. But not sleepy in the least. So we stayed up for some more time, saying cheesy things to each other and talking till we both passed out.

  • When the alarm went off in the morning, he asked me if I'd make him eggs and bacon again. I said I was too tired and he dramatically sighed at "the end of the honeymoon phase".

Trust me, my love. The honeymoon phase is nowhere near its end.

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