Where's Shane?

Every time Shane whips out his laptop and starts composing a mail with the subject "Where's Shane?", I get up from my seat and do the chicken dance. Because that's what everyone at his office does when they take the day off or work from home. No, not the chicken dance. I'm talking about an e-mail they send in with the subject "Where's (insert name or id)" to explain why they won't be coming in to work.

And guess where Shane is right now. And guess how long he's going to be where he is.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is us for the next 12 days:

Whenever he took holidays from work in the past, we actually left the city and went somewhere. He's not one to take leave otherwise because he hates staying at home and relaxing like a normal human being. Remember how he spent even the last weekend "coding and building shit for fun"? But this time, he had a lot of leftover holidays (which is surprising considering he spent 21 days in Greece and went on a couple of other short holidays as well this year but I'm not complaining), and only some of them would get carried forward into the next year. So he had to take all these days off and stay at home with me.

When we realised on Sunday that it was our 2nd engagement anniversary, we happened to tell each other how by now, we didn't have many firsts left. We'd pretty much done everything together. But that evening, Shane played Monopoly for the first time in his life, and I played with him for the very first time. I remember telling him how we'd probably never run out of "firsts" because there's always something new coming up.

And just like that, this happened. This is the first time since we got married that we're both going to be home together for almost two weeks without any plans whatsoever. We love Edinburgh during Christmas and don't want to leave the city around this time of the year. Moreover, we have plans for the New Year with our friends in town. We're just going to go with the flow, live one day at a time, lounge around, be sacks of bird poop, work on projects we're both passionate about, go out to eat, cook delicious meals, buy a lot of booze, make Christmas cocktails, stay up all night, sleep all day, workout as often as we can, not worry about laundry, clean as we go and have a blast in general. Hmm...it looks like I've given this holiday a lot of thought but you know I can't help it when I'm this excited.

I woke up at 10 a.m this morning with Mr.Cuddles still in bed and spoke to my parents before starting my day. It was like a normal weekend except that we both actually got up from bed soon, got ourselves some smoothies and sat down to work. Right now, I'm typing out this post in my PJ's with Lovey Loverson sitting right next to me. Life honestly couldn't get any better.

It's going to be a goooooooooood two weeks. And I hope you're having an amazing day too, wherever you are reading this from :)