You guys are AWESOME!

On Monday, as a part of The Blirthday week, we asked you some questions and a lot of you were very kind to oblige. 1203 of you read the post and 272 of you took some time off your busy day to put a smile on our faces. We loved the things we discovered about you, so we decided to share some more figures and facts here (guess whose idea that was)! Do read till the end :)

You're in your _

80% of you guys are in your 20s and the rest are peppered all over the age spectrum. It makes us happy that people of all ages could find something for themselves on this blog.

You are _

Mostly female but we also have some delusional ones in here who think they're Batman. And dear boys, you're always welcome and we love you!

You are from _

India (no surprises there!). 84% of you who responded were from India. Second in line are our readers from the US (7%).

So just for the heck of it, we went back to our original stats to see which all states in India you most of you guys are from:

Delhi and Maharashtra, you guys rock!

You are _

Mostly in a relationship, engaged or married.

But we do have some happy single people who seem to be doing this all day:


But the ones we're proud of, look like this:

Your favourite section in 22 Nelson Street is _

Personal (73%) followed by Stories and Nibbles and Giggles

Your favourite tag in 22 Nelson Street is _

Husband Shenanigans (72%) followed by The Bromance. 11 of you were mad at Shane for not building an Archives page and 2 of you remembered the tag called Gratitude Journal :)

When you read 22 Nelson Street _

69% have a life so you do it when you can, 13% of you like to wake up with a smile on your face, and 9% of you are rebels.

In your free time, _

62% of you read a blog
29% of you listed your hobbies (which we loved going through)
5% of you pick your nose (GOOD FOR YOU!)
4% of you write a blog.

If you could have things your way, _

57% of you would travel the world
27% of you would be writers
8% of you already know what you want to do with your lives and
4% of you suggested that we put up an "I have no clue what to do with my life" option as well.

As for the final 4%, you were peppered all over the rest of the options (Performing artist, painter, scientist, online influencer and of course, too cool for any of the above)

Now for the best part. While most of you wanted to keep your feedback private, some of you gave us the permission to put it up here. Last night, we sat down and went through each and every comment made by you guys and picked some of our favourite ones to share here :)

Ankita, I have a few words for you _

Luv u luv u luv u........... Watchng shankita makes ma day , n simply surfing thru shankita pics always makes me happy evn in ma sad moments too...... 😍 Tonz n tonz n tonz of luv for ma favo shankitaa...... 😘 Huge hug n big kissieesssss

And tons and tons and tons of hugs and kisses to you, sweety! 😘

Meeting you this year could mean a friendship which will last a lifetime or me telling you how to wax your bum hole. Either way, you're an already polished diamond who has been hiding away in Nelson Street - time to come out and conquer the world!

Classy as always, Meenal. I hope that together, we can work magic. 😘

I`m not a writer to provide a better feedback, but sometimes I prefer your stories instead of googling 'music for stress'. Your stories have that warm feeling.

That's such a great compliment, thank you for sharing that. 😍

I'm not really a blog reader, but love the simplicity you communicate through your blogs. Don't even know if you're aware of that, but please dont change your style of writing :)

I'll definitely keep that in mind. Thank you!

You are a beautiful person, inside out! :)

Thank you very much. Now queue "Inside Out" lameness:
Sorry I couldn't help it!

Hello Ankita Akka, I am 14 yrs old and your big fan I have written an essay but this says it is too long so I made it short and all I want to say is you're wonderfully amazing and blessed and may God keep you blessed

I'm honored to have such a young follower. I hope I don't prove to be too much of a bad influence. Love you 😊

You are an amazing writer! Me n my fiance never fail to whatsapp each other your posts if the other one has not read it.. Coz they are so relatable n cool! Keep up the good work! 😘

Thank you so much. Inserting lameness: A couple that reads together, stays together. God bless you both.
I was saying it out loud while I was typing that. I think I heard Shane cringe all the way over in the other room πŸ˜‡

I guess you are the only stranger (well not exactly... ILP days :P) that I didnt run away from :P :P :P

And I'm going to hold on to you. Thanks for the undying support, Siva! 😘

Love the way you play with words in your writing! I do believe you could be J K Rowling Jr!! Thanks to your mind child, 22 Nelson Street, it's like we are friends already.

We're definitely friends already. Thank you so much for your kind words. 😘

You go girl !! Absolutely adore your work ankita !

Thank you very much 😘

Being your evil twin soul sister, I bet you know a bit of me. Like how I read your posts at office and nearly land in trouble. Did you know that I was your junior in college? Yeah, I am a Teresian too. Though I am pretty sure that we have probably never crossed paths at college. That still means something, right? I run my own blog too. (I am too selfish to pass the chance to show off my baby. That is why the inappropriate link. Plus, a visit would be flattering*hint*!!! It’s a newbie and I owe you much for indirectly motivating me.

I am very happy that I'll get to read your work from now on. All the very best, Clare!
P.S. Everyone, do check out this up and coming young blogger and show your support.

call me 7568374020

Nope πŸ˜‚

I love reading the day to day stories. They are relatable and fun to read. Keep up the good work Shane and Ankita!

Thank you and I'm glad that you enjoy them 😊

I love your blog and your words - inspiring , funny , thoughtful and filled with gratitude. It gives a peep into your soul which I have come to understand as a beautiful one. May that be guarded that way. You are blessed and I know you live from that perspective. Cheers ! I am proud how you have begun to make explore yourself in a new place and live doing what you love. Thank you for your writing. Happy birthday to 22 Nelson Street. Love.

That's so sweet, Winnie. I am very grateful for your love and support 😘

Finally, if I could make a penny for every time one of you girls said, "I'm not a lesbian but I find you very attractive", I would have exactly 26 pennies. You girls rock!

Shane, I've always wanted to tell you _

It's almost like i know you shane! 😊 You guys are perfect, adorable and cute! God bless

Thank you very much! 😊

U r d best bf , best hubby n best father to be πŸ˜‰

Madam, you forgot "The World's best dog parent". ΰ² _ΰ²  (GAAAASP)
Although, we haven't adopted a puppy yet.

that you need to work harder at Amazon. Clearly.

Meenal, I'd recommend you send me some of your famous Apple Crumble or your website might have a very unfortunate accident. You catch my drift?

Eh....umm....what's up? All good?

You've seriously always wanted to tell me that? Well, since you asked, I'm in the process of prepping another very elaborate short joke.

U r lucky to have got such an awsome lady love. U r her lobster😍

A very sexy lobster, yes.

You are my flat ass buddy :)

Not for long. I'm doing the bubble-butt exercise.
( β€’_β€’)>βŒβ– -β– 
(βŒβ– _β– )

Hello Shane sir do you know after knowing about you I just made up my mind if I marry someone I will marry a guy like you who have all the qualities that you have and you are a super husband love you ..... Brother

That u have a very cool wife! 😜 Not kidding..

Oh yeh, totally.

write more blogs. the few that you posted were awesome.... and ofcourse please hijack more of ankita's blogs please :PPP

Thank you 😊 The reason there aren't many is that I'm super lazy and I'm not a massive fan of writing. And you're right, I should hijack her posts more often. I'm going to build a good mechanism for it very soon. (ಠ⌣ಠ)

for(;;) { Your Patience; } Hats off! πŸ˜‰

I read that as "For Your infinite Patience, Hats off!". That was very nerdy and clever. Totally going to shamelessly steal that. Thank you!

I sort of asked Ankita this once. Can I borrow you?

Do you have a younger brother ? :p

No, but I do have an older brother. This is him. 28 years old, 6 feet tall, single, eligible bachelor etc.

The easiest way to his heart is through his liver. It would make me very happy if you stalked him on Facebook.

And there you have it. We haven't had this much blog fun EVER! You guys are the reason why we feel motivated to do what we do and last night, while we were reading all your messages and responding to them, we felt like we know you guys at a deeper level now. We feel blessed to have you in our lives. Once again, THANK YOU for making us smile :)