Things I'm grateful for this morning

  1. The warmth of my bed and a good night's sleep.

  2. A spouse who hugged me before leaving for work.

  3. A full stomach after a heavy breakfast.

  4. Good internet that connects me to my family.

  5. Hearing the voices of my parents before starting my day, especially that part where my dad ranted about the list of things he is convinced I will achieve by the end of the week. That list by the way, was what I recited to him in the first place. Thanks, Dad!

  6. Opening my planner and seeing that I had finished some tasks for the day last night. Oh, the satisfaction of checking through items on a list.

  7. The privilege of being able to go shopping for a dress today just because I'm getting a photograph taken tomorrow.

  8. Did I mention that I get to go shopping today?

  9. Having good ingredients for a tasty dinner in my fridge.

  10. That good friend who shared the recipe for our dinner tonight.

  11. Actually reading two books at the same time because why not?

  12. Projects I believe in and feel passionate about.

  13. Making a lot of progress on those projects and nearing completion (I can't wait for next week!).

  14. Loving my means of livelihood.

  15. Having lame jokes, weird kitchen dancing, and incomprehensible science talk in my life.

  16. For all the giggles, cuddles and kisses before passing out every night.

THANK YOU for all this and more!

I practise gratitude on a daily basis. In the shower, I'm mostly shouting thanks for all the things I'm blessed with and even all the things I'm sure I'll receive soon. Being grateful for even the things that I may not possess now takes me one step closer to them. It puts me in a great mood and in the right mindset to make things happen. Trust me, it feels great.

So how about you make a list of things you're grateful for today, no matter how things are looking right now?

I hope you have an amazing day ahead :)