Father who doth not poop, you might want to skip this one.

"Will you come sit with me in the living room?"

"Oh no, but I'm so comfy in bed!"

"But we can work together from there!"

"We can work together from the bed too. Come here."

"You're so unreasonable and difficult. You never listen to me. So frustrating..irritating..you don't love me.."

5 minutes of complaining later,

"...Fine! I'll come sit here in the bedroom because I love you more...the things I do for love!"

2 minutes later,

"WHERE ARE YOU GOING? I just came here from the living room to be with you!"

"Calm down. I need to poop. I'll be right back. But I've left you a fart so that you don't get lonely while I'm gone."

"Aww...you do love me!"


By the way, Meenal who doth not liketh fart jokes, I purposely didn't warn you because I haven't scarred you enough. Especially since you thanked me in your piece for lifting your spirits every now and then.