The Diaries of Gabby - Epilogue

06 November, 2014.

I stopped writing soon after that painful break up three years ago. But I guess it's time to make a come-back. I can't forever stay away from the things I loved doing in the past just because one plan didn't work out. In fact, I'm a firm believer that everything always works out for the best. And look, I have achieved so much in the past three years. So much I should have written about. I consistently topped my uni, all of my clubs are doing better than they have in years, everyone knows me as an all-rounder and life is amazing. I have a loving family and the best group of friends! So many things to be thankful for! So many things to write about.

And that's the plan. I will record the good things in my life as well from now. But it gets hard when constant reminders from the past keep bombarding me from all sides. Turns out, that Vincent (who seems like old news now) also started dating some tween around the same time as Brian. And they're still together. Wonder how she tolerates him. I've seen the girl. She's basically my clone. And since Vincent and I are still pretty close (as opposed to my relationship with Brian), I thought that as a gesture of goodwill, I will get to know this clone girlfriend of his. So I posted a message for her on her Facebook wall as a friendly greeting and shit. May they be happy forever. Whatever.

But the weirdest thing was when Brian's girlfriend actually initiated a conversation with me, earlier this year. It was so damn weird and creepy. She was being super nice and chatty and everything. But I just couldn't figure out her motive behind it. It all makes sense to me now. She was giving me a heads up. A hint. That they were very serious together and were planning to take things to the next level. Because today, they announced that they're engaged. To be married in a year, according to my sources. Well, good for them, I guess. Good for them. May they be together forever as well! I just wish she tells me what secret potion she had to force feed him in order to get him to agree. Haha! It's so funny! Poor dude who is so "against the very institution of marriage", popped the question and got engaged. Well, people change, priorities change and everything changes. That could have been us. At this point. That change could have come about in these years and that could have been us but, I've decided to not think about it. He wrecked what we had to the extent that we can't even have a single normal conversation without getting awkward. Look at me and Vincent. We still talk and are comfortable talking to each other. It's normal. It makes me realize that Brian ad I weren't meant to be at all. We're very different people who want different things. And I'm open and clear about everything I want in life. About every single thing in my life. He's more confused about his choices. He really doesn't know what to believe. I think that's what leads to all his double standards and hypocrisy.

Anyway. Life for me is going to be what it's been for the past three years. I'm gonna achieve more and grow stronger everyday. Big things await me. Big things. And I will channelize all my energy, my life and soul only to things that'll reward me in the future. No more heart breaks for me, thank you! :)