Southampton 2016

We stayed in Southampton for 7 wonderful days and this series shares all the memories we made.

But first things first.

Meet Ophelia:

And Poppy:

They were the adopted rescue cats of our airbnb hosts. You all probably know that I'm not a cat person. But before I could say "not a cat person", this happened:

I'd be lying if I said that I didn't warm up to the cats by the end of the trip but the last time I checked, I'm still not a cat person despite The Husband's constant insistence that I like cats now. Moving on, let me show you the most remarkable thing about our accommodation:

This magnificent Magnolia tree was what we woke up to for seven days. The picture can hardly do justice to it's beauty! My heart skipped a beat the minute I laid my eyes on it, and now I want my own Magnolia tree (#homegoals).

Now, for our trip in pictures and anecdotes :)

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