So proud!

Two weeks ago (or was it last week?), The Husband was lying in bed all day, staring at his laptop, looking at colourful graphs and plain black screens, while telling me how fun his job is. Basically, a day in my life.

It's during that week that I realised how I've evolved as the person who lives with the constantly zoned out person, to the extent that now, I entrust him with responsibilities while he's zoned out and make him subconsciously say the words, "I promise". Words that I use against him to get him to do things for me. But then, I got caught:

"Shall we go to bed?"


"It's late. Time to call it a night."


"So you'll take out the trash in the morning, won't you?"


"You promise to take out the trash in the morning. Cool?"



"Wait. I know what you're doing. You're using the fact that I'm distracted to your advantage."


"I'm so proud of you."

"I know."