March Playlist (2018)

Happy first of March, everyone!

And check it out, I've arrived on time with the monthly playlist this month!


And that's not the only surprise re: your monthly doze of music.

Allow me to start off by reminding you of something I said last month:

I try to keep each playlist about an hour long so it's the perfect duration of a commute or a workout.

This time though, the March playlist is a whole of 3 hr 27 min long with 60 songs in it. I added the last song this morning so it's a nice round number (#cumpulsions), and you're welcome for that. So anyway gurrrl, you can listen to this playlist both on your commute to the gym and while you workout. And maybe even all the way back home, who knows? The possibilities, they are endless.

I can see that I went a little crazy this month although I can't take full credit for the whole playlist. A big chunk of them was contributed by Shane so you can expect a nice mix of songs this time. It would be extremely time-consuming to go through even a third of them so I'm just going to leave it here for you to peruse through and enjoy in your own time.

There are a lot of non-mainstream artists that you might also enjoy discovering - a good mix of happy peppy songs that will make you want to dance in the kitchen along with some that will make you want to slit your wrists while slowly bobbing your head to the rhythm. But I can promise you that this playlist will be perfect to have in the background while you're cooking/driving/chilling or even hosting a solo embarrassing drunken dance party in the shower. I don't judge.

Like I've shared before, system in creating these playlists is such that I keep adding the music I discover in any given month to the next month's playlist. So the music I have for you this month is what I discovered throughout November February.

And also like I told you yesterday, February has been a fantabulous month for me. So personally, these songs remind me of all the happy fuzzy feelings I've been experiencing while discovering them throughout this month. Right now, I'm listening to it while typing out this post and it's becoming physically impossible to not lose my train of thought and start performing in my own version of American Idol in my living room.


And my hope is that you start doing the same by the end of the month :)

As always, I'd luuuurve to get song recommendations from you so please to drop them in the comments below.