Major Holiday Detox It Is

One of the many interesting Greek words I learned this summer is the word 'Kaapa'. It's the word you use to imply the opposite of the statement you just made. Kaapa in Greek is used the way "not" is sometimes used in English.

For example, "Ankita is six feet tall. Kaapa." means "Ankita is six feet tall. Not." or "Ankita is not six feet tall" or "Ankita wishes she were six feet tall so that she could reach her kitchen cabinets without the aid of a footstool but she's actually barely five feet tall and always had to stand at the front of the line during school assemblies from the time she can remember."

But my understanding is that the word is not very widely used and only a small subset of the Greek people I met knew it's meaning and used it frequently. Now I guess you guys can also use it in your daily conversations and it won't be a tiny group of Greek people alone who suffix Kaapa at the end of their sentences.

The reason I told you the meaning of this word is just so that I can use it in one sentence here to drive a point home. Less than a week before the end of our holiday, we received a message from Sir Campsalot informing us that he and his wife were going to Galloway National Park this weekend, the very same park that we'd intended to go to on our first camping trip but avoided due to a typical Scottish conflict with the weather forecast. Galloway National Park is where you go for stargazing and not much stargazing happens if its cloudy. Which is why we opted to go to Cairngorms National Park the first time. Sir Campsalot mentioned in his message that the weather forecast is good for this coming weekend and that he and the Mrs are planning to go, that they'd love it if we joined them since we all planned to go there together in the beginning but they'd understand if we didn't want to travel two days after returning from Greece. After reading their message, The Husband and I responded by saying that we would indeed find it too tiring to go on another camping trip so soon, moreover it doesn't seem very practical to pack up and leave the house to live in a tent a mere two days after returning from a month long vacation because we're responsible adults who care about our health and overall wellbeing. Kaapa.

We leave in a few hours guys. And we'll be back on Sunday. It's a short trip, just two nights, no biggie. At least that's how we're justifying it to ourselves. When I told my parents about this, I could feel them rolling their eyes over the phone. They don't really care about where we go or what we do. Their only concern is that we won't have proper access to the internet and they won't be able to reach us. And my parents sometimes talk to me thrice a day so I get why this might be mildly annoying to them. Sorry Mum and Dad. But you not only gave birth to an impulsive brat of an offspring, but also blessed her marriage to an even more impulsive little shit. The fault is yours. In my defence, I was totally resistant at first because I thought I was falling seriously ill. It turned out that I was just hungover. Moreover, The Husband kept informing me that we were going. Yesterday, he sent a message to Sir Campsalot to confirm that we were coming. The message simply read, "She's better. We're coming." and Sir Campsalot replied that it would have been just a tad bit better had I been the one confirming that I was indeed better. Just a tad. I agree -_- Also, keeping with the whole "let's try to justify this impulsive decision" thing, Sir Campsalot reassured us that the best way to get over the fatigue of one trip is by going on another trip and since he has a lot of experience with trips, we're going to take his word for it.

So on that note, TGIF. May you have a fabulous weekend! And I'll bring you stories from Galloway next week :)

In case you're wondering, that post image was taken in distant, far away 2013. Three long years ago. I can't even believe it. #majorthrowback before a #majorholidaydetox