Just Blob Things

Before I jump into camping stories, let me address the fact that today is a Wednesday, hence DnD day for us. Unfortunately, we won't be going to today's session because The Husband has a work thing to attend to. Now you may wonder what that has to do with me as I could play anyway. But that's not the Shankita way.

When I'm sick or if I have a deadline to meet and can't play, The Husband stays back anyway. Not because he looks after me or helps me write articles on feminism, but just 'cause. If he gets stuck at work and has to cancel DnD, I cancel too. Not because I can assist him in writing code, but just 'cause. We never talked about this or agreed to do it this way. But over time, we just ended up being this way. Somewhere along the way (count the number of times I used "way" in this post), we stopped being individuals with personal character traits and merged into a blob of blah called Shankita.

So last Wednesday, when we were playing DnD, one of our group members was taking down the order in which we were to roll. It went like this - "First A, then B, then Ankita, then D, then Shankita" and everyone at the table calmly waited for him to realise what he'd just said. He'd probably written down "Sh" for Shane but read it out as Shankita. Because even in people's subconscious, we're a blob. It would have been okay if he'd done it just once but he called The Husband "Shankita" twice. I loved it.

So there it is. We're now officially a blob. And I'm a blobber. Oh, the coincidence!

The emergence of the blob pattern can be found here.