I bought that dress

In-store conversations with The Husband:

"What exactly are you looking for?"

"A dress. I need to get myself a dress!"

"Cool. There, dresses to your right."

"What are you talking about? Those are shirts and tops."

"Think again. Shirts and tops for normal sized people are basically dresses for Ankita sized people."

(I bought a shirt-dress.)

"Do you think this is any good? I mean, it's not that special."

"Get it. Get it. For the love of God, woman GET IT!"

"Why so dramatic?"

"Because this is a big moment in your life. You know how hard it is to find you clothes that actually fit!"

(I got it)

"I saw you eyeing the kids section earlier. I can get you in if you want."

"Very funny. But isn't that just pathetic? 'Age 11-13' actually fits me."

"Pathetic? Not from where I'm standing. From here, it's just fucking hilarious. Oh look, the toddler section! Let's get you some boots, shall we?"

(I didn't get the boots out of humiliation although size 2 boots from the kids section did fit me. FML.)