10 Annoying Facts About Me

Since you guys enjoyed the 30 random facts about me that I shared last week, I thought it might be fun to do a little self-burn post on my annoying habits. Again, these are not things that annoy me but things about me that are annoying to others.

It took a little bit of introspection and a lot of poking The Husband to create this list. Whenever I ask him what he hates about me, his answer is always, "Nothing. I wouldn't change a thing". Smart man. This time though, I didn't give up and kept asking till he gave in and dished out a few of these.

  1. I don't like it if someone tries to help me clean because I have a routine and an order in which I do it. But when I get mad at this "someone", I often complain about how I have to do EVERYTHING.

  2. I don't let anyone use the bathroom for at least 2 hours after it has been cleaned. I don't use it myself even if my bladder is about to explode and kill me.

  3. Water or anything wet on my clean surfaces really gets to me. So in my house, you're not allowed to splash water around the sink area while washing dishes or brushing your teeth, drip water outside the shower area while trying to grab a towel, or not use a coaster. Why wouldn't you use a coaster anyway?

  4. I don't share. Believe it or not, I have stocked the house with a separate set of shower gels, shampoos, conditioners, face washes and loofas for The Husband. When you have your own stuff, you don't use my stuff. In my defence, he has woody men's stuff and I have cherry blossom.

  5. That sharing thing above? It's pretty intense. If he uses my shower gel by accident, I smell it like a bloodhound from the living room, and question him in the kitchen. I don't get mad but I let him know that I noticed. The no-sharing policy does not apply when we're travelling though. Probably why he decided to not leave me.

  6. I have my spot wherever I go and I only occupy my spot. I'm Sheldon Cooper. There's a place on my couch that no other bum but mine knows the feel of. At The Bromance's place I sit in the middle of the couch with both idiots on either side because that's the spot that directly faces the TV. Then they watch their superhero movies and I fall asleep on my spot.

  7. If I decide to cook on any given day, I start planning and stressing about it the day before. I make sure I have everything I need and watch the YouTube video for the recipe multiple times during the day. But in the end if The Husband offers to cook, I let him do it while sulking in a corner, feeling like a loser.

  8. I'm overzealous. Whenever I make a new plan or have a life altering realisation, I get over-enthusiastic about it and exhaust the people around me. The sad thing is that this surge of energy doesn't mellow down for at least 4 months. The Husband says that while most people have short attention spans, mine lasts 4 whole months.

  9. Like all overzealous people, I sometimes have episodes of panic and dejection where I blame everything that goes wrong on everyone but myself. I get easily upset when things don't work out because I overthink the hell out of everything. Handling me in that state must not be very fun.

  10. I have a very good memory so I could potentially quote something you said to me 10 years ago and destroy your argument. The other day, when The Husband and I were sharing all of our memories together from all those years ago, I almost tried to remind him of "that one time in 2011 when you made that one mistake and said that one thing to me...". Saved the worst for the last, didn't I?

I don't know if you could relate to any of these but I deliberately decided to keep it short after my level of embarrassment kept going up with each fact. Some of them really make me look like a crazy person. Oh, well. Happy Wednesday!