Happiness is...

  • Waking up to snuggles and forehead/nose kissies.

  • Staying in bed for a little longer.

  • Seeing the Birthday Card your parents sent you on your bedside table.

  • Bacon pancakes for breakfast.

  • Documenting your life on a blog.

  • Smiling at previous blog posts.

  • Long, aimless walks around the city.

  • Expressing disappointment in unison when the store is out of Andrex Quilts toilet paper.

  • Buying a £3 meal deal because you're lazy to cook dinner.

  • Enjoying your £3 meal deal.

  • Snuggling up on a tiny couch to watch The American Horror Story.

  • Reading together before bed.

  • Talking way into the night when you have to wake up early the next day.

  • Falling asleep next to a warm-bodied furnace of a man.

It's true when they say that happiness is in the little things:

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