New Google Opportunity

^ was the title of an e-mail I received last week. Followed by "Love your Content". When I opened it, I never thought that I was going to be smiling like this after reading it:

Google had sent me that e-mail with a very kind offer to FEATURE (!) my posts in the form of collections, and honestly, I didn't even know that you could create collections on Google+. As a part of this programme, they have now added me to a members-only Google Create platform where they will be showcasing my content from this website to a larger audience. And by "larger audience", I mean 1, 2, 3, 4.... who am I kidding? I only know how to count up to 10.

Once it sunk in that more people were going to read my content, I almost crapped my pants. No, that's an understatement. For your sake, I need to exaggerate RIGHT NOW. First, I gasped and held my breath for so long that my face turned 50 shades of purple. And then I began to hyperventilate to the extent that our neighbour's ginger cat left them for good (again) because it thought that we'd adopted a dog. Finally, I exploded like a balloon and my remains burst into flames. I should stop now.

For making this happen, I want to thank all of you who visited my website daily for the past 6 months, spent time reading not just one but many posts in one sitting, for re-reading some posts, for visiting more than once a day, for commenting on my posts to show your support, and for sending me e-mails to tell me about your day(s). You're family to me and I owe this recognition to you. Thank you!

Now, for story time. A while ago, when The Bromance saw me talking to a reader, he looked at me and said, "You mean this person also knows me and has read about me and has seen my pictures?". The answer to all those questions was obviously a yes, and the horror on The Bromance's face was very real and satisfying. Last week, when I opened this e-mail from Google, The Bromance was at our place and his immediate reaction was, "What? Now Google has seen me? Oh my God! Can you change my face to make me look like a Japanese girl or something?"

Challenge accepted.

Since he asked so nicely, and because my photo-editing skills are to die for, I have kindly obliged:

Although, when he said "Japanese girl", I heard "anime character with big boobs". My husband's ex-wife is an anime character with big boobs. And Google, if you're reading this, (s)he's a very talented and kawaii programmer available for hire.