The Other Half's Perfect Saturday

I woke up groggily on the sofa a few minutes ago, slowly opening my eyes, completely conscious that something was wrong. I knew I wasn't supposed to feel so good and I definitely wasn't supposed to be asleep. I was still on the sofa, my entire body contorted around on its left side, my numb legs dangling in the air. My Netflix science show was still playing on TV and it looked like I had slept through quite a few episodes as they weren't talking about deep sea creatures anymore.

Then I noticed her. She was cradling my head in her lap, scratching it ever so gently. She was working. She had her headphones on, and was listening to something intently.

She could have stopped my show and taken off the headphones. She could have asked me to move to the bed and sleep there so that she didn't have to sit squeezed into the corner of the sofa. And she most certainly didn't have to make someone who was already asleep any more comfortable.

It's the little things that make my life special.