Nov/Dec Playlist (2019)

A big part of my job right now is to review endless design documents that aim to capture all the process changes that'll be happening at the University of Edinburgh next year. These can be anywhere between 24 and 204 pages long and I have about 35 of these assigned to me. Yay.


Two things get me through my hours spent reviewing these documents - STRONG cups of coffee! and MUSIC!

And while I'm yet to find cheap and sustainable coffee options that I can have multiple times a day without wanting to throw up in my mug, I have found some music that I'm happy to share with you all.

Here's the playlist of favourites I've compiled based on all the music I've been listening to in November and these first few days of December. Enjoy!

If you'd like to go straight to the playlist, here's the link.

The whole list can get you through 1 hr 58 mins of your day and you have no idea how much it troubles me that it's just two minutes short of being a nice whole number. But without even trying to, I managed to add exactly 35 songs to this list so I guess not all is lost.

Earlier this year, I didn't even know who Billie Eilish was but now that I've crawled out of the hole I was hiding in for most of 2019, you'll find that there are two lovely Billie Eilish songs in this playlist.

I also started listening to more Lewis Capaldi ever since my manager told me of her love for his new album. Today, if you were to ask me what the sexiest man on the planet sounded like, I'd make you listen to some Lewis Capaldi. I would show you absolutely no pictures of him but I bet I'd be able to make you fall in love with him based solely on his voice.

I've also included two of my favourite feminist anthems that came out close to ten years ago - Fuck You by Lilly Allen (2009) and Who Run the World by Beyonce (2011) - because every girl needs these pick-me-ups time to time. We think we've come a long way with equal opportunities and female empowerment but every single day, we're still fighting battles that are unique to our identities as girls and women in our families, schools, and workplaces, among other social groups we try to navigate on a daily basis.

And last but not least, on the flip side of being enraged by the crappy situations women often find themselves in, I wanted to celebrate one of the feminist men in my life - my Lover. This song had me singing along to it and twirling in the kitchen while Shane cooked me breakfast these past few weekends.

I've thoroughly enjoyed putting together this playlist and hope some of these songs will keep you company on your car rides, workouts and even the taxing parts of your jobs.