My Twins

Four years ago, around this time, I was in a dilemma. My boyfriend and my mother shared the same birthday and I was trying to figure out how weird that was on a scale of 1 to 10. Back then, it was around a 12. My boyfriend didn't care so much but my mother would keep reminding me (not so subtly), "It's my birthday too, you know. Maybe you should spend some time with me as well.".

Three years ago, on this day, my boyfriend surprised everyone by jumping on a plane and travelling home for his birthday. He showed up at my house with a bunch of gifts of which only one was a birthday gift for my mother (who shared his birthday) and the remaining 5 were belated Valentine's Day gifts for me. Contrary to the reaction that can be expected of any birthday girl anywhere in the world, that reaction being, "How dare you bring more gifts for my DAUGHTER when it's MY birthday, you little shit!", he managed to draw the exact opposite reaction from my mom (albeit unintentionally) wherein she ended up being so guilt-ridden for not getting him a gift that she laughed her characteristic nervous laugh around him for years to come.

A few days ago, both The Mother and The (now) Husband texted me one after the other, asking me to check their Facebook profiles to make sure that their birthdays were not being displayed. I don't know if they discussed this in advance (over a few nervous laughs) or if it's just one of those things that people who share a birthday do.

The Mother said, "I don't want my birthday displayed on Facebook because then I'll get meaningless wishes and that's just annoying. If you truly care for someone and if they're important enough to you, you will remember their birthday anyway and will wish them because you want to. Not because some website suggested it.", before making me cross-check and confirm TWICE that her birthday was nowhere to be found on Facebook.

The Husband on the other hand, went one step further and asked me to make sure that no one could post anything to his wall. The exact same thing that his brother did last December. I can't tell you how annoyed I was when I couldn't post this:

and this:

and this:

to BIL's wall on his birthday. Having an audience that will pull your leg makes it so much more fun. Why did you have to ruin all that fun, BIL?

But I digress. Coming back to the point, when I reminded The Husband that his birthday was not up on Facebook anyway, he said, "I know but one person will remember and post something to my wall. Then other posts will follow. It's just a pain in arse. Can't we all just go back to forgetting that I exist? That way, there's no birthday cake, no birthday dress, no birthday wishes, no birthday sweets to distribute in class and no singing. Life can be good again. Just make sure no one gets to post stuff to my wall even if they want to.".

[Side note: Yes, he sometimes makes me respond to messages and comments on Facebook as well because he's anti-social like that. And likes to treat me like his personal (albeit unpaid) secretary. What I'm trying to say is, think twice before bitching about me to him because you might be bitching about me to me.]

I decided then and there that I would try to make both of them miserable by writing about their shared birthday on my website and publishing it publicly. So anyone who has not remembered their birthday, please make my day by spamming their phones, Facebook messenger, wall (applicable only to The Mother because I'm good wife) or even the comment section below (I honestly don't mind) with many birthday wishes.

Happy Happy Happy Birthday, my dearest Twins :*
This one's just for the both of you:

And may you always laugh nervous laughs around each other!