March 2017 - Week 5

Wow, there were five weeks in this month and the last day of the month is a Friday. Something about that is very satisfying in my head and I can't seem to explain what it is.

I hope you're having a wonderful Thursday wherever you are. My Thursday, as usual, started out with me staying up till close to 2 a.m releasing the new episode of the podcast. I write a braindump on this blog on the last weekday of every month and on the last Thursday of every month, Meenal and I like to do a braindump on the podcast as well. We don't structure these episodes and just have a regular conversation with one another, catching up on what's happening in our lives and mostly giving in to our tendency of going on wild tangents. This month's braindump is no different.

We start off by discussing what Meenal did to celebrate her birthday last Saturday and somehow end up dwelling on why most human beings tend to fixate on and constantly talk about their romantic relationships (especially when things aren't going well) despite all the other things that may be going on in their lives.

This episode made us think a lot and we hope you also find our conversation interesting.

As for this week's music playlist, it might interest you to know that Shane put it together himself. These are not songs he necessarily sent me this week and we surely weren't listening to them all week. But I thought it was the most adorable thing when he put this playlist together and said, "Thursdays have something to do with throwback or something, don't they?"

If you haven't guessed already, this is a #throwbackthursday playlist where he's put together songs ranging from Bon Jovi's It's My Life to Bryan Adams' Summer of 69. But the song I was most excited for was Should I Stay or Should I Go by The Clash. If the title doesn't ring a bell, allow me to remind all Stranger Things fans that this is the song that Jonathan Byers introduces to his little brother Will. This is the song that haunts you every time you think of the Byers brothers.

We hope you enjoy this playlist!