January 2017 - Week 1

I must confess, I typed January 2016 at first. I've been seeing people share posts about the 2016 hangover and about how everyone was going to get the year wrong on paper for a while, and every time I saw one of those posts, I smirked and thought to myself that I would never make that mistake. Not only because I was a superior human being but also because I didn't write on paper anymore. What am I, a school kid? Pft! Well, at least now we have proof that I am by no means a superior human being because I even forgot what I did for a living.

Today is a sad(ish) day at 22 Nelson Street because my giant teddy bear is sick. Shane came home from work yesterday looking very happy but within an hour, he was having difficulty standing up next to me as we prepared dinner. As soon as he was done eating, he rested a very heavy head on my shoulder and I knew that I had a poor sick puppy on my hands. I gave him the last sachet of Lemsip we had left in the house from the time we fell sick in May of 2016, and he retired to bed without offering any resistance. The fact that he agreed to turn in by 9 p.m was itself proof that whatever infection he had was not mild. This morning, he woke up with a sore throat so he has difficulty in speaking. But the sadder part is that he's genuinely weak and hasn't even stepped out of bed. I just gave him some breakfast and another sachet of Lemsip. Hopefully, he'll be fine in a day or two.

So the playlist we've prepared for you this week in a way goes with the mood in our home right now. They're all soft, mellow (and maybe even sad) songs that you might want to listen to when you have a nice cozy evening to yourself, or when you're sick, or when your partner is sick and napping in the other room. After all the festivities and high-spirits of the past two weeks, this seems to be a nice way to sit back, close your eyes and enjoy the melody.

Hope you like this first playlist of 2017!