"Interesting" Conversations

While cooking haggis for dinner last night (oh yeah, eggs, bacon, Lorne sausages, potato scones and haggis for dinner last night because somebody wanted breakfast for dinner), The Husband spent some time with his head buried in his phone. When he lifted it, he looked as if he'd just been enlightened under the Bodhi tree.

"Tell me something. Imagine you live in an area that is prone to power cuts. You have meat in your fridge but you have to go on a holiday for 2 weeks. Your meat will last while it's frozen but if there have been long power cuts in your absence, chances are that your meat is ruined and consuming it could kill you. How do you make sure that your meat is good enough for consumption when you get back from your holiday."

"Wha-? Why-"

"Humour me."

"Fine. First of all, I wouldn't be in that situation because if I knew that I was going to be away from home for two whole weeks, I would empty my fridge and make sure I didn't have meat that could potentially go bad in the freezer."

"You're not humouring me. Just go with it and tell me how you'd find out."

"I don't know. I'd check the meter when I got home?"

"What could the meter possibly tell you?"

"I DON'T KNOW! That's not the kind of stuff I'm good at. Which is why I'd empty the fridge before leaving. Now tell me the answer!"

This is the part where he got so excited that he threw his panties at me.

"You should fill up a glass with water and put it in the freezer overnight till it's completely frozen over. Then you place a coin on its surface and put it back in the freezer before leaving. When you get back, if the coin is still on top or if it's just a centimeter or two below the surface, your meat hasn't gone bad. But if it's gone all the way to the bottom, you have to throw out your meat. How cool is that?"

"Did you just spend all that time reading about this?"

"No, I'd read it a while back and got reminded of it when I saw our haggis. I was just trying to find the article again so that I could share it with you. Check your inbox."

"You just told me all about it. Why would I want to read it again?"

"Because it's cool. Moreover, it's a conversation starter."

Clearly, he shouldn't be allowed to talk to people.

And that, dear friends, was Monday evening for me. Yesterday, I shared dadvice with you. Today, I'm sharing random internet advice that my husband threw at me along with his panties that were already in a bunch.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

Lost Cause by Vj_pdx via Attribution Engine. Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA.