Guest Posts

There are billions of stories waiting to be told in this world. And I can't tell them all.

So I'm inviting you to contribute to the sister website of this blog,, if you wish to.

Mugen was born the day someone from a previous life came knocking on my door, informing me that they wished to write more. My immediate gut instinct was a YES! An all-caps with an exclamation point yes. I've experienced a few of these positive gut reactions in my life and they've always led me down fun and rather meaningful paths so I knew better than to second guess this one.

I would never discourage anyone from writing. The world always needs more of us. And in the short span between receiving a message from this person and responding with a YES! (exactly 16 minutes), I didn't have enough time to conceptualise where this new form of content would live. Content that was without a doubt going to be different from the personal stories from my life that I've recorded here for the past five years.

Still, I decided to open up my own website. To create a page here that could host this and future guest posts.

Then Shane happened.

We may have slightly touched upon the idea of starting a new website for people to be able to publish anything under the sun, and we may have casually brainstormed what this site would look like and how/if we would run it, but that's where my contribution ended. Shane took this casual conversation between us and ran with it.

He spent the weekend after I published our first guest post creating the right name, logo, and actual website for this little project.

Mugen (Japanese) meaning "infinite", "dream" or "fantasy" depending on the specific script used to spell it.

And this platform is exactly that, and more. It is infinite. It is a fantastic dream. There are no limits to your creativity here.

Write and submit in your favourite genre, without a minimum or maximum word limit and we will showcase your work.

The only catch is that I need to be able to get through the piece without finding a single spelling or grammatical error because I genuinely do not have the time to edit your content or go back and forth over email requesting a re-write.

So before you submit, make sure you:

  1. Check your piece for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.

    Use a free plugin like Grammarly to edit your copy.

  2. Include a good quality profile photo that shows your actual face.

    Your readers will want to put a face to your name after getting blown away by your piece :)

  3. Include a short 200 character (not word!) bio. If your bio exceeds 200 characters, I will delete the last sentence before publishing.

Just 3 simple guidelines to follow.

If you've already submitted a post but haven't heard back from me, please feel free to resubmit keeping these guidelines in mind.

Again, I'm very sorry to even be typing this but if your content does not fulfil point 1 above, we will not be publishing it.

So what are you waiting for? Send them all to [email protected] or [email protected]

I can't wait to see the kind of poems, short stories, journalistic articles, haikus, listicles, scripts etc that you're going to come up with!

Happy writing :)