February 2017 - Week 1

Happy Thursday, everybody! This is an extra special Thursday for me because we just released Season 2 of the podcast. We took a month off after Season 1 to give ourselves a little break before coming back with twice as much energy. Literally, twice the amount of energy and you'll have to listen to the episode to find out what I mean by that ;)

Also, our website got a complete makeover and Shane actually built every single element of it from scratch. We didn't use an already available theme but instead decided to build our own theme to fit our needs. So when you visit www.desioutsiders.com, know that it's different from all the other websites we've done before. You'll be seeing Shane's pure hardwork in there.

There are many more elements we need to add, and like everything else, this is also a work in progress. So do listen to this episode where we share the many updates we have in terms of the podcast.

And although I embedded a Soundcloud link here, I just want to share that in our new website, we have our own media player. So if you're not one to use podcast apps, you can simply drop in and either listen to our episodes on the website or download them directly from there to listen later.

Now, for music. You know how we're newcomers in the podcasting world, right? We're just starting small, slowly growing an audience, and sharing content we're passionate about. We're by no means the most popular podcasters out there. And in this playlist, you'll find more people like us. I'm alsmost a 100% certain that you wouldn't have heard any of the songs in this playlist.

These artists, like us, enjoy producing content and their passion bleeds through their work. I couldn't pick a favourite this time because I absolutely love every single song in there. In fact, for the first time, I included two songs by the same artist in one playlist. I don't know if that shows that I favour her more, but I don't regret showcasing two of Ruelle's songs in here.