December 2016 - Week 5

It's the last week of this year and hence, the last playlist of the year. It feels so strange saying that already but who else is super excited for the new year? It's going to be a good one :)

But you know what else this week is the last of? It's the last week of the podcast for the time being. We've been live for 15 whole weeks (I can't believe it either) and this morning, we released our season finale, thus happily rounding off an entire season of our latest pet project. In this episode, we answered some of your questions and if you've been following (and hopefully enjoying) my monthly #pickmybrain sessions, I'm sure you'll enjoy this video too:

Also, many congratulations to both the winners of our giveaway, especially considering how you're both my regular readers here :)

Now, for the star of the show, our last weekly playlist for this year. This time, I decided to experiment a little bit and created the playlist on YouTube. There have been many songs that Shane and I have been dying to include in our weekly favourites but the original tracks were simply impossible to find on Soundcloud. So do let me know if a YouTube playlist is more convenient or not. Either way, if you're here for the music, we promise you some great tracks.

You will notice this week that we've gone for a pattern. You'll find that all the artists included this time are females and the genre we went for was Indie Pop. Because I'm still in a Christmas hangover, it was impossible for me to move on without including at least one Christmasy track. So, the first track this time is Caroline Pennell's Carol Of The Bells which is so beautiful that it'll make you want to listen to it on repeat. But don't do that just yet, wait till you listen to the rest ;)

As always, the last song of the playlist is my very favourite. It's Billie Marten's Milk and Honey which might be one of our all-time favourite music compositions, and it feels so great to finally share it with you! I truly hope you love this song as much as we do :)


P.S We just pulled an all-nighter in the attempt to release our season finale on time. It's 8 a.m and we're going to crawl into bed now. Byeeeeee!