As lame as lame can get

"Press the button, Jackass!"

"Don't call me a Jackass"

"What do you call a Jackass who doesn't want to be called a Jackass?"

"A Jill-ass"

"A what?"

"A Jill-ass. Because I'm a woman..."


"...and Jack and Jill..."


"...went up the hill..."

"Please stop talking."

" I'm a Jill-ass not a Jackass."

"We can't be friends any more."

"Well, sucks to be you. You married me bahahaha."

"You have to stop throwing my lines back at me."

You might be wondering what is up with all the colours. The Husband is back from work and I showed him this post in draft form before publishing. He didn't even lift his eyes from the screen when he asked me what my colour was. I said blue, and this happened. It's a Friday night, guys. This is how he celebrates. My man is so wild yooowwww!

On that note, TGIF!