A Dose of Happiness

And love. And goodwill. And positivity. And hope.

I thought I'll share with you a few quotes that made me smile, feel confident and positive this morning.

First of all,

Because normal is often scared. And scared is often boring.

Instead, you could be a


And while you're off chasing those goals, maybe remember to

It wouldn't be such a bad idea to


and all you need to do now is

Let's remember to


Do you draw? Paint? Sing? Dance? Solve puzzles? Read? Write? Create? We need do a lot of it!

While also bearing in mind that


Because in the end, it's totally up to you, how you want to be affected by something.

Try to maintain that balance for your own sake :)

In the end, be sure of what you want. This is what I've chosen for myself:

What about you?

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